Letters from our biggest fans:

Meagan W from Pittsburgh, PA says:Your food is absolutely delicious! My fiancée and I had never tried Indian cuisine before and were we missing out! On the spur of the moment at the grocery store, we purchased the Chicken Curry for myself and the Channa Masala for him just for something quick to make. When we made our meals that night, we could not stop raving about how amazing they were in taste and how satisfied we felt. We have already been back to the supermarket to stock up on all your dishes and referred them to our family and friends. You have earned a lifelong fan. Thank you so much.

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Ann A. from Rayne, LA saysI tried the samosa. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten. I could live on potatoes. The pastry was light, and it was full of potatoes. It was mildly spiced which really appealed to me. Spices should compliment the dish and not overpower it. You succeed. Thank you for being in business.

Kathryn K. from Toledo, OH says:I just tried your garlic naan, and it was so delicious, I made another package the next day! I didn't think a frozen bread could be that good, but after baking, it was if I had made it from scratch that day. I can't wait to try your other products!

Amy M says White House, TNI recently won some free product coupons from the blog, "Leslie Loves Veggies." Oh my gosh, it’s practically restaurant quality! I’m so thrilled to have found your product. The chicken alone is of such a higher quality ... than any other frozen meal I’ve ever consumed. Can’t wait to try the rest of your product lineup!" 

Stephanie W. says Wauconda, ILWe tried the samosas last night and they were great. I am looking forward to trying the naan because we have not found a good frozen naan yet!"

Katie W. says"I'm officially loving the Chicken Tikka Masala - so good! Thank you!"

Rob M. says Traverse City, MII've recently discovered your products at our local food coop. The dishes I've tasted were excellent and I've got others at the office eating them."

David B. from Vancouver, BC saysYour company's Vegetable Masala Burgers are without doubt the best frozen veggie burgers I have ever come across."

Thomas H. from Saint Paul, MN saysJust want to say Thank You for your wonderful products. It's hard to believe frozen food can taste this good. I'm a Chef myself and am always looking for good tasting food in the local supermarket."

Lisa K. from Elkhorn, NE saysI just wanted to share that I tried your Masala and Naan for the first time. LOVED IT! We lived in India for 1 1/2 years and spent many hours having friends teach us recipes so we could duplicate back home. For the days I don't feel like going through the preparation at home, we have been experimenting with frozen items. It has been very difficult finding true tasting Indian food in the freezer aisle. So today you are getting a BIG thank you! Can't wait to try your other items."

Yvonne K. from Baltimore, MD saysI purchased your Chicken Tikka Masala last week from Whole Foods here in Baltimore, MD. It was the BEST frozen or shelf Masala that I've EVER eaten. It rivals my favorite restaurant here in Baltimore, The Ambassador Dining Room. Thanks so much for making a fabulous product that is perfectly spiced and truly delicious! I will be returning to the Mt. Washington Whole Foods to buy more this week."

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