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Tandoor Chef is so much more than great tasting frozen entrées. We’re a family–owned brand that prides itself on presenting a meal sensation that’s rich in Indian culture and flavor, and is all–natural and sensational to experience.

In the early 1970's, Mrs. Bhagwati Amin's love for good authentic cuisine gave birth to a hobby. She had a passion for sharing the cuisine and culture of her homeland, and served delicious food to friends and neighbors at every possible opportunity.

Soon, small Indian storeowners sought her abilities. As a result, she worked nights and weekends to satisfy her desire to make and serve high quality foods for the broader community. Many advised her to open a restaurant, but she knew that the time required to run a restaurant would detract from her family's needs.

In just a short time, her products became very popular. In 1977, Mrs. Amin and her husband began work on what is today Deep Foods – producing a full line of Tandoor Chef frozen appetizers, entrées and side dishes that delight households across the United States. Today the Tandoor Chef brand remains a family affair, now incorporating the second generation who spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, dreaming up new entrées for you to enjoy.

From the Tandoor Chef kitchen to yours ... Please enjoy!

Tandoor Chef Deepkiran Foundation 

Trust Goals - As a Non-profit organization, the foundation's aim is to give support to the educational well being of children in remote villages of Gujarat, India. In many cases children of these villages have no hope or any chance for even the most rudimentary reading and writing skills. Schooling is out of reach and in many instances never made a priority by village elders.

The foundation's core purpose is to bring material support and show direction by emphasizing education as a village priority. Appropriately named, "Deepkiran" literally means "Rays of Light". It is the foundation's wish to provide hope and shed light to a brighter future for the underprivileged.

Resolve - Using a hands-on approach the Deepkiran Foundation's trustees take interest in every case that merits a chance for making a difference. On-premise inspection and first hand meetings with those that require attention encompass the distinctive approach for providing the necessary funding and solutions to promote and further children's schooling.

To illustrate one example; it was found that the children's education in a certain village was abruptly ended at a specific grade level due to lack of facility and teaching talent. To remedy this, students upon passing through standards available, were given bicycles by the foundation to get to another village so the children could further their studies. The neighboring village welcomed the children as they were given incentives to enroll the new students into their school. The success of this story was made possible by the real hands-on care and regard that the foundations officer's were able to provide. Every case is handled in such a manner.

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Tandoor Chef Our Products 

Did you know that Tandoor Chef offers a wide variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals?

Our non-vegetarian consumers across the United States delight in our mouth-watering chicken entrées. Hungry for something different and sensational? Try our famous Chicken Curry and Tandoori Chicken Samosas ... you'll love 'em!

Vegetarian consumers love the rich flavors of our vegetarian appetizers and entrées. Made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients, favorites include Palak Paneer, Kofta Curry and Jumbo Samosa with Chutney.

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