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Celebarte Culinary Arts Month with Tandoor Chef

To help raise awareness about the joy and beauty behind Indian food and culture, we're celebrating Culinary Arts Month! Celebrate the art you live every day on your plate with these culinary tips.

Be creative: Encourage creativity in the kitchen. You never know when you'll have the next great trend at your fingertips just by trying something you haven't heard of. Create dishes that have twists to your traditional favorites. Use the basic of kitchen essentials when cooking and experiment with new ingredients like Ghee.

Tandoor Chef Ghee Recipe Ghee, or clarified butter, is a common ingredient used in many traditional Indian recipes, such as Roti and Khichdi.

Tandoor Chef Authentic Indian ingredients

Use the best ingredients: Culinary arts not only teach us to be creative, but they teach us how to get the best result from the art of cooking. To get the best result, start with the best ingredients. Use meat and dairy processed without added hormones and great quality ingredients from herbs like cilantro all the way to the finishing peppers. The best quality dishes come from the best quality ingredients.

Add a little spice to your normal routine with our traditionally-spicy Lamb Vindaloo.

Teach someone else: Culinary Arts Month is the perfect time to celebrate making a meal with your friends, family and loved ones. Start from the kiddos and work your way up, everyone can contribute to making a delicious meal come alive. No need for a culinary degree to experiment in the kitchen. Encourage trial with food to learn new ingredients like Bhindi and flavors that you may end up loving. You never know until you try!

Try this traditional Bhindi Masala! Serve this simple recipe with a side of rice and Palak Paneer Samosa for an authentic Indian meal. Tandoor chef Kofta Curry

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