Easy dinner hacks from Tandoor Chef

4 dinner hacks your guests are going to love.

It's nice to be recognized for a job well done, whether at the office or in the kitchen. For those who may not be as savvy with mealtime prep as their culinary creative counterparts, we've got four dinner time hacks that will have your guests asking in disbelief, "Did you make this!?"

Become an at-home Indian chef with these four hidden tricks of the trade.


Kofta Curry

#1 Herb-avores rejoice!

Something as simple as a handful of fresh chopped spices can add the fresh flavor you need to make a hearty meatball-like entrèe like our Balanced Vegetarian Kofta Curry your new favorite (and it's now gluten-free too!). Give fresh cilantro a try for authentic flavor and beautiful color!

Vegetable Masala Burgers

#2 Crack a few eggs.

A fresh fried egg is a great way to add more depth to your Tandoor Chef Vegetable Masala Burgers. And you'll be adding more protein as well! The yolk compliments our authentic Indian spices perfectly.

Naan Pizza Cilantro Pesto

#3 Take advantage of #MeatlessMonday.

Both vegetarians and meat lovers alike will fall in love with crumbled tofu once they try it on our Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza. Who knew plant-based protein could add so much meat to a frozen meal?

Palak Paneer

#4 Cheese to please.

While the cheese you use to top your Tandoor Chef Garlic Naan might not be the traditional paneer that we use in our signature Palak Paneer, you can still maximize flavor by sprinkling a tad of fresh mozzarella or crumbled feta right on top. You’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind creation!

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