Indian food myths with Tandoor Chef

3 Things You Thought You Knew About Indian Food

You thought you knew all about your favorite cuisine, but there's more to Indian food! We're busting myths and taking names, so spread the word! Tandoor Chef is breaking down all of your misconceptions.

Myth #1: All Indian food is hot and spicy.

Tandoori Kofta Curry

Don't get us wrong. We love spicy food, but when we need a break from the heat, we reach for our Kofta Curry or even our Margherita Naan Pizza. These dishes pack plenty of flavor and go easy on the heat.

Myth #2: All Indian food is rich and diet busting.

Indian food is what you make of it. When giving our authentic recipes a try, adjust the fats and oils or get creative with your own substitutions to suit your preferences! The beauty of Indian cuisine is the art that goes into every entrée.

Need a go-to convenient option? We've got 24 entrèes under 400 calories just for you.

Myth #3: All Indian food is difficult to cook.

Tandoori Mango Chutney

Not true! The first time you whip up our authentic Mango Chutney or Suran, you'll be hooked. Traditional ingredients lead way to simple steps that result in extraordinary dishes. You'll not only impress yourself, but you'll also impress your friends and family!

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