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Why Burger Lovers Like Tandoor Chef

We’re on a mission to introduce every picky eater to the magic behind truly authentic Indian food. Know someone who could use a little nudge in the adventurous direction? Here's how to get started.

Tandoor Chef Burgers and Masala Burgers

Love burgers and the freedom they give you to express yourself?

You'll love ... Tandoor Chef Vegetable Masala Burgers. Toss your favorite toppings on top of these flavorful burgers and be blown away by how customizable they are! Fresh vegetables and classic Indian spices work together to make this special frozen delicacy a winner!

Tandoor Chef Meatballs and Kofta Curry

Love meatballs any way you can get ‘em, whether on a plate of noodles for dipped in a nice BBQ sauce?

You'll love ... Tandoor Chef Balanced Vegetarian Kofta Curry. This is your vegetarian answer to flavor! A delicious, savory veggie entrèe in a rich, mildly spiced sauce, this authentic northern Indian specialty will make even the meat-lovers smile!

Tandoor Chef Spinach Dip and Palak Paneer

Love dip especially when served to guests at your cool summer get-togethers?

You'll love ... Tandoor Chef Palak Paneer. Spinach and traditional Indian paneer cheese simmered and sautèed in our authentic savory sauce is all you need to put a smile on your guests' faces. Eat it with one of our classic naan or even by the forkful!

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