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Tandoor Chef

What is Holi?

Colors are magically connected with the emotions and moods of all human beings, and effectually make us jovial and happy. During Holi, the people, regardless of their color, sex, creed, or religion, rejoice with colors, foods and drinks to express happiness and celebrate life.

Our Holi Guide will help you to bring this celebration to your family, friends ... and home!

The Story of Holi

There was once a cruel King called Hirnakashyah with a son named Prahlad. Prahlad was not like his father ... he was kind and always prayed to Vishnu. His devotion made his father angry, so the King decided to kill his own son.

King Hirnakashyah knew that his daughter was protected from fire by a magical spell, so he ordered her to grasp Prahlad in her arms and to walk into a burning fire. The King didn't know that his daughter's magical protection only worked most of the time; when the pair entered the flames, her magical protection was gone. Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu as the flames lept up and consumed her. Prahlad was so sad for his sister, Holika, that he promised to name a festival after her.

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Tandoor Chef

Start with a

The most special and symbolic Holi recipe is the delicious sweet gujhiya, made with dried whole milk powder and nut stuffing. Because the ingredients are hard to find, this Thandai recipe is a good substitute.

Food Makes the Event

Celebrate with some traditional Indian cuisine that everyone in your family will love! From Samosa to Chicken Curry and Palak Paneer ... there's something for everyone in the Tandoor Chef line! Dress your table in style.

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Take the Cake!

Want a really fun baking idea to wow your family and friends?

Tandoor Chef

Try this Festival of Colors cake ... it's sensational!

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Play Games

Games are a great way to expose your children to the Indian culture! Educational and fun, Holi games keep everyone busy ... and learning!

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Entertain Your Children

Have fun with color on heavy black construction paper ... or out in the driveway! Using chalk, especially red, yellow and blue. Dip the tip of chalk into water for interesting effects! Your picture could include an evening parade in India, a bonfire, or maybe some color-splashed people.

Try creating Rangoli, traditional Indian folk art patterns that are drawn on the floor and meant to bring good luck. Learn more here.