Wine and Beer Pairing


IPA is a beer style within the broader category of pale ale. IPAs are brewed with a single hop variety or a blend of varieties.

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Mutter Paneer
A delicious curry of peas and homemade-style cheese simmered with seasoned lentils and spinach served with delicate Basmati rice infused with cumin spices. Made with Olive Oil.


Lamb Vindaloo
Succulent lamb marinated and simmered in a rich, traditionally-spicy sauce; served with turmeric-infused basmati rice.


Chicken Curry
Tender boneless chicken breast simmered and seasoned in a zesty, authentic sauce.


Lamb Samosa
Succulent lamb simmered in a rich, traditionally-spicy sauce, minced and stuffed into crispy pockets. A perfect appetizer to begin a delicious meal.